Watrflag windsurf sail 4.0 m2

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Turn your (Watrflag Jibe) SUP board into a windsurf board! Leave the paddle at home and grab a breeze with this rig and experience even more fun from your SUP board. This is also a suitable children's rig for regular windsurf boards.

The sail is suitable for beginners to medium advanced sailors. The rig is very easy to prepare for sailing thanks to the coordinated parts that are supplied as a complete set.

The sail has different battens to create a good profile, so that the wind is properly converted into propulsion. The sail batten points are neatly finished and can be tensioned using the supplied tool. The sail eyelets are securely fitted into a double stitched section with several layers of sail cloth.

The complete rigging consists of a 3-piece lightweight aluminum mast, an adjustable boom and a 4 m2 sail made of dacron and monofilm. The high-quality whole is made of lightweight materials so that even the little ones can handle it well.

To enjoy your set for a long time, we recommend that you rinse the tarpaulin and components with fresh water after use.


Sail Nautix 4.0 m2
Aluminum vario boom 140-175 cm
Aluminum 3-part mast 3.85 m
Pick-up cord
Universal mast foot Quick release system
Sailing bag for the entire set

Ideal in combination with the Watrflag Jibe SUP board. When you purchase the Watrflag Jibe in combination with a surf sail you get a 20% discount on the sail! Use the discount code "Windsurf" at check out

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