About Watrflag


Watrflag wants you to experience the best fun sports activities in, on and around the water! We inspire and motivate you to go out with your friends and have fun .

We give you ideas about fun sports activities and have self-developed products in the Watrflag collection. We deliver our quality products directly to the end user, which means our prices are very competitive!

Do you have ideas about Fun activities, Fun locations or Fun products that you want to share with other Fun-People? Let us know and we'll bring all the ideas together here on Watrflag.com

About us

For water sports enthusiasts, by water sports enthusiasts.

We ourselves are passionate fun athletes in the broadest sense!

That started in the 80's and 90's with windsurfing and later also snowboarding and mountain biking. The passion for fun sports has always remained and we also want to inspire others with this!

Together with avid water sports enthusiasts, we have developed a unique collection. Are you a fun athlete yourself and do you have any ideas to further perfect products? Let us know!

Hang Loose!