Privacy Policy en Cookies

  1. Privacy
    Your personal information and its security is very important to our company. We therefore ensure that this information is processed in a very secure manner. We can imagine that you would like to know why, when, where and how we collect this information. That is why we created this Privacy Policy. If you still have questions about privacy matters after reading it, please contact our customer service.

  1. The identity of Watrflag
  • Entrepreneur name: TOON! Promotion with vision
  • Trading under the name: Watrflag
  • Establishment address: Waalstraat 12, 5046AP, Tilburg
  • Phone number: 013-5446668 , can be contacted daily for information 9:00-17:00
  • E-mail address:
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 18038756
  • VAT number: NL807801069B01


  1. The security of your personal data
    When using our website and webshop, our customers leave behind all kinds of personal information. We store this information in a secure manner so that only authorized personnel can access it. The information is secured by the most advanced software. In addition, we have taken the necessary security measures and added an extra layer of security to protect this information. In addition, all sensitive information you provide is sent encrypted using the so-called Secured Socket Layer technology (SSL).


  1. Personal
    We use your information to personalize your shopping experience. What you see in our webshop is tailor-made and based on your interests. The information will never be shared with other parties. The only exception regarding information sharing is if we are required to do so by law.


  1. Temporary storage
    Watrflag retains the information as long as the customer has an account on Watrflag's website. Personal data such as the address or name of the customer are only stored to execute the agreement. If other personal information is stored, such as credit card information, this information will only be stored after confirmation and consent from the customer. If the customer no longer has an account on the Watrflag website, the personal data will be deleted.

  1. Complaints
    The customer has the right to submit a complaint regarding his privacy rights to the supervisory authority (Data Protection Authority) and Watrflag customer service

  1. The purposes of collecting personal information
    The customer is not obliged to enter and leave his personal information on the website. But in some cases, personal information is required to perform the contract.

    The data we collect is used for the following purposes:

    In connection with your order, we need your name, e-mail address, home address, payment information and sometimes your telephone number. This enables us to deliver your order to the correct address and to keep you informed of information regarding your order. We may pass this information on to others (in connection with shipping and delivery). We therefore require our partners to use the same level of security as we do. If the personal information is not necessary to perform the agreement, we will only store this information after consent and confirmation from the customer.
    Your account contains the following information: your name, address, phone number, email, shipping and payment information, and specific information. We do that for convenience; the customer then does not have to fill in this information every time he places an order. We also keep track of previous order information for easy customer access.
    You can sign up for one or more of our newsletters. In this way you will stay informed of our offers, promotions or other news.
    We are very happy with reviews from our customers. This provides us with the necessary information to improve our products.
    If the customer participates in a promotion or a competition, we ask him for his name, address and e-mail address, so that we can reach the (potential) winners.
    Improve experiences with Watrflag
    We improve our products and services in many ways. In connection therewith, we may use a customer's data for internal marketing research.

    We do not share, sell or trade your personal information with or to third parties. However, we may have to share information with the Government in the event of fraud; in that case we will comply with Dutch or European legislation.


  1. Cookie Policy

8.1. Cookie Policy

Yes, we use cookies. We use those cookies to ensure that our website works properly. Because we want to guarantee your privacy and use cookies, we explain in this cookie policy how and why we use cookies

8.2. Data processing

Our customer service is responsible for processing the information we collect through our cookies.

8.3. Cookies

Cookies are small files that a website (or an online store like ours) stores on the customer's computer or mobile device when the customer uses the website or online store. By using cookies we can ensure that using our website is an even more pleasant experience because:

  • customers do not have to fill in the same information over and over again;
  • we know users' preferences and save them for future use
  • visits;
  • we can measure how our website is used to learn where we are
  • improve shopping experiences;
  • we can show advertisements and recommendations based on the preferences of specific customers.
  • we can recognize what kind of device the customer is using when they visit our store online store;
  • we can record the number of times an advertisement has been shown to the customer so that the advertisements can better reflect the customer's needs. This prevents the customer from seeing the same advertisement over and over again;
  • cookies can be helpful to improve the security of our website;
  • cookies can be helpful in preventing fraudulent activity.

8.4. Types of Cookie

8.4.1. Functional or necessary cookies.

Functional cookies ensure that our online store functions properly. These cookies help the customer with the checkout process or
store products in the shopping cart.

8.4.2. Analytical cookies

With analytical cookies we collect data about the use of our website. The following data is stored:

- the IP address, which is made anonymous;
- technical characteristics such as the browser used by the customer, the resolution
from your computer screen, which device the customer is using, which
operating system, which location and which network;
- information about how the customer entered our website (via other
websites, social media, email or search engines;
- when and for how long the customer has visited our website;
- the purchasing behavior of the customers on the website;
- which pages are used / viewed by the customer.

8.4.3.Third Party Cookies

We use third-party cookies, such as the DoubleClick cookie or the Google Cookie, to collect data related to users' interaction with ads and other features of the advertising services. If cookies from third parties are placed, this will take place in accordance with the cookie policy of the relevant third party.

8.4.4. Profile cookies:

Profile cookies help us to determine whether the customer has seen certain advertisements and whether the customer has turned off the sound for certain advertisements. All these settings and information allow Watrflag to create a profile of the customer.


8.5. Manage and delete cookies

8.5.1 If the customer does not want Watrflag to track its activities on the website using
cookies, the customer must adjust his browser settings. The customer can do it
choose to block all browser cookies or only third-party cookies. if
however, the customer blocks our cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website
offers the best features. It may then prevent some pages from
our website are not displayed correctly.

8.5.2 Watrflag respects the use of a Do Not Track signal
(DNT)), but that doesn't mean ads aren't shown. In
In the case of a DNT, the advertisements will only be displayed in a non-personalised manner

8.5.3 Customers use different web browsers to surf the Internet. From
different web browsers have different ways of handling cookies
to delete. Customers can remove local cookies from their media. Each
web browser has its own way to delete cookies. Additional
information about the deletion of cookies can be found on the web pages of the
regarding web browsers.

8.5.4 Most of the cookies we use are automatically deleted when you
log out. In some cases, however, they remain to protect your preferences
store. Some data that is collected is stored for a period of time
stored for a certain period of time to analyze this data, but that is never
longer than three months.

8.5.5 All major browsers provide tips and guidelines for managing cookies; on
Information can be found on the following websites:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari


  1. Access and deletion of your personal data
    The customers can always ask Watrflag to display, modify or delete the personal data stored in Watrflag's database. Customers must submit a request for this to Watrflag's customer service or send an e-mail to If the personal information is stored and secured by an outside entity, Watrflag will take appropriate steps to have the personal information removed from that outside entity's databases.


  1. Notification obligation
    Watrflag has a duty to report suspected data breaches regarding the personal data collected from customers. Examples of data breaches are:

    - a lost USB stick with information;
    - a stolen laptop;
    - a break-in by a hacker;
    - a malware infection.

    Watrflag will report the data breach to the authorities and affected customers. To determine the scope of the data breach, Watrflag will investigate the nature and extent of the information in question.

  1. CAN SPAM Wet
    The CAN SPAM Act is a law that sets rules for commercial e-mail activities and sets requirements for commercial messages. The law gives recipients the right to have e-mails stopped. Penalties and fines apply to any violation. Watrflag agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding the CAN SPAM Act:
  • We do not use deceptive or misleading subjects or email addresses;
  • If a message is an advertisement, this will be indicated in a reasonable manner;
  • The physical address of our company or headquarters is always listed;
  • We monitor third-party email marketing services for compliance, if those services are used;
  • We respond quickly to opt-out and unsubscribe requests;
  • We allow users to unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of each email message. Users can unsubscribe from receiving future emails at any time. Users can send an e-mail to in connection with unsubscribing or follow the instructions at the bottom of each e-mail on which the users will no longer receive commercial correspondence.

  1. Privacy Policy subject to change
    Watrflag has the right to change this Privacy Policy. Watrflag will change its Privacy Policy if the law changes, due to other business obligations, or if required by their customers. Changed versions of the Privacy Policy will be published on the website and will be provided with a publication date.

    Version: June 1, 2021