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Tips for starting suppers

Supping is currently a very fast growing water sport worldwide. This also applies in the Netherlands and we see more and more people on a SUP. So you should try that once! The thing is, it looks very easy when you see an experienced supper standing on a board. In practice it is still quite difficult. It is therefore wise to start paddling while sitting on your sup board, so that you can first work on finding your balance on a sup board. If you already have experience in windsurfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, or you are a star on the balance beam, it will be easier for you ;-)

 beginnende supper sup vallen

Choosing the right SUP board

Before you can start paddle boarding you will of course need asup board. You can buy a sup board, but you can also rent or test one first to see if you really like it. If you want to buy a sup board right away, it is good to think for yourself what you want to do. There are several forms of supping. This ranges from Yoga supping to supping competitions, riding in the waves or sport fishing on your sup. In the Benelux, most SUP boards are used for touring through nature or through the city, in small groups.

SUP provides a complete body workout, however, it is important that you choose a good SUP board. In the first place, of course, this has to do with the quality, but it is also very important that you choose a sup board that suits you and that also suits the activity you want to perform with it. For example, do you want to take your dog on your SUP? Beginners often lose sight of the wood for the trees when choosing a board. There is no ready-made answer, but take into account the three most important factors:

  1. What are you going to use the sup for?
  2. What is your weight? (and if you bring your child or dog, add this)
  3. How is sense of balance? (if you are a bit wobbly, take a wider board)

The length, width and thickness of your board determine the properties of the board:

  • The narrower the board, the faster.
  • The shorter the board, the more manoeuvrable
  • The longer the board, the faster
  • The wider the board, the more stable.
  • The thicker your board, the more stable

Are you over 65 KG? then you quickly need a sup board of >3.10 meters, a thickness of 15 centimeters and a width of >80 centimeters.

The more volume (contents) there is in a board. the more load capacity. So the more kilos the board can carry

Watrflag has developed a number of all-round boards for the Benelux market that meet these requirements. If you are still in doubt or just want to know if supping is something for you, you can always test the boards with us for free

Quality inflatable boards

Although most sup boards are inflatable (Inflatable sup / isup), they are stiff. However, there is a lot of difference in the quality of inflatable SUPs. This is mainly due to the production technique and the materials used. Without telling a very technical story, it comes down to the fact that there are different layers and rooms inside the SUP, which are connected to each other with wires. These ensure the stiffness and quality, as well as the bonding and finishing of the "welds". The photo below clearly shows that with the same weight of 60 kg, one board is many times less stiff than the other.

The Watrflag sups are produced according to the latest modern techniques and have a high-quality finish. Which, among other things, results in a stiff board. Of course, provided that it is inflated to sufficient pressure (15 PSI).

A big advantage of the inflatable sups is that they are easy to transport and store. It is a small package when the sup is empty. Also ideal for taking on vacation!



Adjust paddle

This is in one package together with your board and a pump.  It is important to look at the length. You can adjust the Watrflag paddles. Use the following calculation rule: body length + 20 cm. If you are 1.65m then your paddle should be about 1.85m. The infographic below shows you the best way to hold the paddle. 

paddel vasthouden sup

Safety above all

Get well prepared on the water! Here is an overview of our friends from "sailing together", what you should all think about when you go supping:

10 tips om veilig te suppen - Varen doe je samen