Watrflag Wave Rider 6'3" Set - 190 cm - Inflatable Surf - Bodyboard

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With this hybrid SURF-BODY Board you can wave surf and bodyboard with one and the same board!
This inflatable SURF-BODY Board has a dynamic teardrop design, making it perfect for beginners but also for experienced wave surfers and bodyboarders
The SURF-BODY Board has three sturdy retractable fins that are intended to help you keep a good course while surfing and bodyboarding. There are two side handles at the front, allowing the board to be used as a body board in the waves or to hang behind a boat. Watrflag Boards are equipped with a diamond-shaped, seamless, non-slip EVA soft deck for optimal standing comfort and maximum grip. At the rear is a raised "kick pad" to put extra pressure when riding waves.
Watrflag Sup Boards are very durable and very stiff due to the well-thought-out production method with good materials.
Dimensions: 190x57x10cm / 95L, the maximum load capacity is 85kg.
Watrflag Sup Boards are made from eco-friendly, high-density drop stitch material and advanced manufacturing technology. This makes the Sup Board pressure-resistant, very stable and durable. The SUP Boards have “double layer side rails”: a double layer on the sides for extra protection. There is a stainless steel ring on the front.
Watrflag Sup Boards are resistant to UV and seawater corrosion. Watrflag offers a 1-year warranty on the boards.

The optimal pressure of the board is 15psi (1 Bar). With this pressure the board is very stiff, which means it has a longer lifespan and will not deform. If the SUP board is in (cold) water, the pressure may decrease slightly due to the cooling of the air in the board. Therefore, regularly check the pressure of the Board via the supplied pump with nanometer. Do not place the board with maximum pressure in direct sunlight!
Double air pump for quick inflation of your board and a perfect warm-up 😉
Including a large spacious backpack to easily take your board with you and store it again.


Height: 6'3" - 190 cm
Width: 22"- 57 cm
Thickness: 4" - 10 cm
Volume: 95 litres
Weight: 3.6kg
Max. Pressure: 1.0 bar (15 psi)
Color: White-Black

Sup-Surf Board SET Contents:

Watrflag Wave Ride 190 SURF-SUP-BODY Board 6'3"
Luxury Backpack with extra storage pockets
High-pressure pump (double-acting) with pressure gauge
3 small slide-in fins
Repair kit
Manual Also watch our instructional video

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