Sup Try-out tour

Supping with a group? "We are coming to you this summer"

Because we know at Watrflag that not everyone immediately buys a SUP board, but likes to try it once, we have a "traveling SUP circus". A large trailer full of Watrflag SUPs. So would you like to go supping with your friends, family, for a party or whatever? You can use the SUP Tour Cart with 10 SUPs in it, from 250 euros for a part of the day. Then we come to you if you want! Contact us for the possibilities and reservations. ( / 013-5446668).


"TRY before you buy" is super important at SUP.

Whether you are just starting out with SUP or have been doing it for a while: a SUP board must suit you. It's not just about your height and weight, but whether you are a match with your board. Therefore: try first!

We have paddled on many boards ourselves and based on these experiences have developed a number of high-quality boards with a very competitive price-quality ratio. You are very welcome to come and test these boards (without obligation)! It's a small effort because the Watrflag HQ in Tilburg is 100 meters from the water! We also have nice routes for you around here. Mail or call us if you want to come for a long time ( / 013-5446668)

See you soon!

The Watrflag team